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Project Development

Flexible and intuitive solutions highly based on customer wishes and ideas which makes daily use, production and maintenance reliable and stabile.

Programming (PLC, HMI, SCADA)

Working in many different environments and software packages has built huge knowledge base to use to create the best and the most suited products with the benefit of our clients.

Control Panels

Each control panel is built on the basis of a thorough analysis of customer needs. The most flexible and durable solution at an affordable price.

Electrical Drawings

Redrawing and updating existing project drawings to reflect the actual control panel for fast and effective any error or
malfunction handling.

Data Capture

In the world of IOT and big data the task of data capture is a very natural  expanding of our product palette.  As for new production lines and for optimizing old ones as well, the need for traceability and visualization is grown tremendously.

Drive Technologies

We analyze the exact task and choose the best technology and product to ensure reliable and energy effective motion in our customers production equipment. The choice is based on task type, economy, stability and customer preferences.