Control Panels

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Control Panels

By building control panels from the development process in house we can monitor the quality standard closely and it gives us the flexibility to incorporate late changes from the customer.

Our long time experience with electrical components and solutions let us choose the most affordable, flexible and durable solution for the assignment. Holding this experience in house let us evolve with new component and solutions for further optimization in the future. 


Built with Industry-Leading Components

We work in many different environments and software packages. Our main solutions are Omron PLC devices, Indusoft SCADA solutions and / or Beijer or Exor HMI.

Our professional dignity and experience let us evaluate of every aspect of the control panel in the building process to refine and adjust exactly this control panel to reflect the best possible solution.


To find out about the best control panels for your process, contact us today. We will come to your site at a convenient time to assess which solution will be best for your company.


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